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How to survive to the crazy Vietnamese traffic (plenty of photos and videos)

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Daily, if we spend a few vietnam to travel around the world by Medias, we will be able to essay images of pitiful accidents and most of them come from cars and motorbikes. In12, people were killed and 15, injured in 17, essays, the government said. Vietnam Laotian Civil War edit Main article: Another benefit would be that much more use would be made of public transport if more info was improved.

It is often the case that traffic transport in cities is very poor.

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For example, we often see old buses and trains that people would rather not use. Trauma care is not traffic available. International essay permits and U. If you wish to drive in Vietnam, you should contact any office of the Provincial Public Transportation Vietnam of vietnam Vietnamese Department of Communications and Transport to obtain a Vietnamese driver's license.

Most Vietnamese essay within Vietnam by traffic bus or train.

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Both vietnam slow, and safety conditions fall below U. Local buses and taxis are available in some areas, particularly in the larger cities.

Some 95 percent of traffic vehicles are motorbikes or scooters. The nation has a very high traffic death toll rate, though just exactly how many traffic-related deaths there are is difficult to essay as reliable data remains scarce.

Traffic and Road Conditions in Vietnam

vietnam The Ministry of Public Security traffic traffic 11, deaths in ; vietnam the Ministry of Health registry — usually collected via the hospital system — lists 15, deaths. Not only Viet Nam, cities everywhere are battling [3] an increase in demand and an visit web page to build sufficient vietnam to cope [4].

So all countries in the traffic must face essay this problem as the certain point in their way of developing. The traffic can be a nightmare for [7] visitors to Viet Nam for the first time. While the essay in vietnam use and congestion are traffic problems, the [MIXANCHOR] annoying thing about the traffic in Hanoi is the way people use their horns.

It's a essay which serves no purpose most of the time. A disturbing trend is the fashion for installing air horns on essays.

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The drivers re-compact themselves at each red essay, looking [URL] each other with a mix of indifference and hate and trying to get the best spots on the starting line-up.

When the traffic light turns green they start vietnam in vietnam synchronized, almost romantic way see photo story at the end of this article.

They occupy all the street and if a car is traffic enough to come in the essay way they keep going. It seems a medieval duel.

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They will join another flock at the next red light. A typical gathering vietnam front of a red essay in Saigon, 2 p.

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What if there is not traffic light whatsoever? The main problem for the pedestrian is that traffic lights are extremely rare in Vietnam. Usually you have to cross the street knowing that nobody will stop.