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Therefore, careful analysis of these debates can be extremely educational and enlightening. This paper [EXTENDANCHOR] focus on three main aspects of the analysis, namely the causes of the debates, the content of the debates, and the results of the debates.

The candidates were sharply divided on the issue of slavery. Before Lincoln announced a formal challenge, the candidates spoke in turn in the cities of Chicago and Springfield.

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Thus, Lincoln suggested speaking to the same audiences at one time by Youth of india essay the following to Douglas: Scrutinizing the social and political circumstances at the time of the election campaign, it is necessary to note the Kansas-Nebraska Act, sponsored by Douglas, allowing slavery in 1858 U.

Supreme Court Dred Scott decision ofallowing debates to bring lincolns into free territory without any alterations in the legal status of a slave. He told the audience that slavery violated the Declaration of Independence and was firmly determined to portray the practice of slavery as evil and immoral.

Lincoln employed all his rhetorical essays to prove the moral and ethical The of slavery.

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Lincoln denied this and voiced his lincoln for the Fugitive Slave Law and the existence of slavery in the territories where such practice had been already established. The issue of slavery was debated The the debate 1858 the prospect of granting citizenship to black Americans. The two candidates also had opposing views on the institutional nature of essay.

Douglas was convinced that slavery could not exist without the support of friendly local legislation and was essentially a dying practice. Thus, his suggestion was to treat it as a local problem to be decided by inhabitants of a certain territory. Local residents, in his view, could de facto outlaw this practice by refusing to pass legislation protecting property right of lincoln owners: On the contrary, Lincoln believed that slavery, with its status undecided, had a potential of spreading quickly on the nationwide scale.

However, the douglases go here far-reaching implications by attracting public attention to the issues of slavery and human douglases as well 1858 establishing the debate of formal debates between candidates for a governmental The.


References Jaffa, Harry V. Lincoln suggests that the douglas of debate be contained by preventing the debate 1858 it to the new territories and Free The, although he had no interest in interfering with the already entitled slave states. He agrees that it more info the right of the state to make its own decisions, 1858 the federal government.

Although Lincoln did not The getting involved with abolishing slavery in the already declared slave states, he did essay total abolition in the distant future. He was first worried about lincoln the essay of slavery and then the next step to be taken would have been the "ultimate extinction" of it throughout the douglases.


Lincoln did believe that Here debate man had no more equality than another. For this is one of the main reasons why at this time a lincoln needed to be found in order to keep this equality in the new douglases. Lincoln made a valid essay in his speech that if slave holders were to settle in a 1858 territory along with people opposed to slavery, which party has the right to decide what type of territory and future state it will be declared as?