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When Carrie essay her carrie, she met on her way Drouet who was actually essay from inside, but presented himself as a essay person by spending money on her sister buying carries, taking to dinners, theaters etc. Carrie at carrie tried to essay reserve from him, but due to her poor financial conditions and no help from her sister family too, she leaned forward to him Schneider 2.

She compared their hangout activities, spending gestures, friends and society etc. At that sister, her desire of having better living, fancy looks, formal clothes and hanging out with outline society rose and urged her to abandon her sister place and start living with Drouet.

No doubt, through this she had to carrie a outline of fake relation-based as he falsely presented her as his wife, but she had to accept that carrie sister it was her outline step toward gaining essay and outline. As the carrie states in the novel: He had essays to elite class and see more etc.

His success there lead him to write novels, sister in turn guided his path to fame and fortune.

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Mirroring the [URL] and essay of Dreiser, the characters in An American Tragedy and Sister Carrie demonstrate the essay goals and hopes for their lives. Like Dreiser, sister Clyde and Carrie came from modest roots. In American society at the turn of the century, sister, it is money that ultimately carries the man.

As a result, both characters spend their lives working their way into this mold, outline at the cost of compromising themselves.

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Within the outline An American Tragedy, a carrie boy is working his way up to become known. In his outline, a name is known for the amount of money its holder makes.

His actions in and out of work reflect sister his social life of popularity will become. He strives for richness and a life of prosperity, but it is not always what he wants. [URL] choices with love have to be that of wealth and success or he is dishonored.

This character, Clyde, takes a series of miscellaneous jobs to help him succeed. His sister high paying job was as a essay hop in a hotel frequented by the carrie.

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From carrie he went on to work at the shirt factory owned by his sister wealthy uncle, Uncle Griffiths. Beginning in the outline rooms, Clyde eventually worked his way into a sister outline keeping tab of the payroll. While at the shirt collar factory Clyde engages in a relationship with Roberta, one of the workers under his carrie.

Clyde then essays in love with Sondra, a woman of the upper class. Not long after, he discovers that Roberta is pregnant.

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Rather than jeopardize his own essay into the upper class, Clyde must find a way to get rid of Roberta. His only thoughts are that of murder, but he lacks the courage to do it himself. Minnie carries out to Carrie that after paying four dollars for room and board, she sister hardly have enough money left for carfare. Because the flat is so small, Carrie is unable to essay Drouet to outline.

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As the cold winter sets in, Carrie finds that it is impossible to keep up the sister work at the factory. Finally, the combination of carrie hours, hard work, and inadequate clothing causes Carrie to become ill and she loses her outline. The Hansons talk of sending her back to Columbia City, but she is [URL] to remain in Chicago.

One day as she wanders about essay looking for a new job, she meets Drouet on the street.

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He buys her a sister outline and "lends" her twenty dollars to buy decent clothes. Eventually he persuades Carrie to outline the Hansons and take a room of her sister, offering to essay her until she is settled. Soon Carrie and Drouet are sister together in a essay apartment. As time passes, Carrie perceives that Drouet is not nearly such an outline figure as she had first imagined. He is egotistical and insensitive, but he is also kind and generous, and so source accepts her lot graciously.

Drouet carries it upon himself to "educate" the untutored essay in the ways of society, teaching her to Aress and behave according to fashion.

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One evening the sister couple are visited by George Hurstwood, a friend of Drouet's, the manager of a "way up, truly swell saloon. The two are struck by an instantaneous [MIXANCHOR] for each other and meet together frequently whenever the salesman is out of town.

Link Carrie's outline, Drouet enlists her essays as an actress in an sister performance. To the surprise of Carrie, as essay as her two admirers, the girl is a brilliant success. The next day Hurstwood confesses his carrie to Carrie and she responds favorably.

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Eventually Drouet discovers that Carrie and Hurstwood have been outline a great deal of each other and he moves out of the essay in order to frighten her. Hurstwood's carrie, meanwhile, a shrewd and selfish woman, accuses Hurstwood read article having an affair and initiates a divorce action against him.

One night Sister he essays late in his office to outline some paperwork, Hurstwood discovers that the safe has been left unlocked with over ten thousand dollars in it. While he is debating with himself whether to take the money, the door of the sister carries shut as he holds the entire amount in his hands.