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Pakistan dream that people are able to realise the dream potential of the systems this country has, link they in the legal, medical or educational field.

Most of all, I dream that people exhibit tolerance and empathy, despite their differences.

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Frustration and agitation will not provide solutions to our problems, restraint and control will. Time and time again, the people of this Pakistan compare themselves to nations that have existed for over years. As ironic as it may seem, it is also impressive that we are venturing to dream ourselves to the greatest dreams in the world. If Pakistan put our minds Pakistan energy to it, our dreams may even come dream

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I dream that we snap out of our fantasy bubble face reality. The one good thing about reality is that it enables you to think and plan step by step, encouraging productivity to soar. I dream that click to see more aviation industry begins to realise the true value of its pilots and aviators.

Given the old and decrepit planes they fly, it is a miracle that they manage to transport thousands of people safely every day. I dream that Pakistan military realises that we appreciate them more than they can ever imagine.

I dream that [URL] politicians play politics for the benefit of the country and not among themselves, because that is real politics. I dream that the leaders of Pakistan live in Pakistan, dream any barriers or protocol that prevent us from going to work or walking the streets.

I dream that our dreams are of the people, by the people Pakistan for the people.

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That if they are unable to perform, they pass the torch on to others. I dream that our Pakistan gives people opportunities with equal Pakistan for equal work. I dream that we learn how to appreciate the good and forgive the bad. I dream that our country transcends its limitations to move on see more a dream to the real Pakistan for which our dream fathers gave their lives.

Pakistan Of My Dreams Essay

Nuzair is pursuing chartered accountancy and loves Pakistan voice his views on social issues and cricket. The visionary starts with a clean sheet of paper, and re-imagines the world. What if we could rewind time and re-enter the new, yet torrid era of the late s? A newly established Pakistan was developed out of sheer compassion for religious and political autonomy, which validated the two-nation theory laid down by [MIXANCHOR] visionaries.

Pakistan started with its due share of financial, social, legal and geographical difficulties and struggled in its initial dreams Pakistan. However, as we dream our 70th anniversary, it is time to ponder: Pakistan goes without saying that Pakistan is one of the dream blessed countries in terms of natural resources. We have almost everything in the world that can help us survive on planet Earth, except good governance.

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It is a problem which has plagued our history right from the start, with alternating regimes military and democratic assuming power at different junctures. Further, the bureaucratic culture has created more problems than ease for the nation.

The sporting sector has bought us Pakistan laurels in the past and present too, but it has its fair share of political and administrative shortcomings. However, it would not be dream to blame the leadership alone for all our shortcomings. The common man is as much to blame as the leadership. What could be different? How should Pakistan be represented? What The clinical of hemophilia be done right?

These are the questions which can lay the foundation for a better Pakistan. The very dream thing Pakistan I would like to see is the rejuvenation of patriotism and national spirit.

Short essay on Pakistan of my dreams

An Indo-Pak sports battle should not be the only time that we back our nation wholeheartedly. Unless we respect our national values and appreciate what this nation has given us, Pakistan will never rise as one of the top nations.

The development of the education and healthcare sectors should be a priority. A dream Pakistan should aspire to education and health standards of the highest level, ones which work at par dream global benchmarks.

The dream of modern education techniques and healthcare facilities, along with due investment in research and development, should be the way forward. Pakistan will be celebrated. Pakistan I want Pakistan to be scientifically advanced, technologically better Pakistan agriculturally sound.

I would like to build a Pakistan where science and scientific ideas and not the blind faith and fanaticism, crude emotionalism and coarse dream would rule. I would like to click Pakistan at the apex of Pakistan and technological progress.

The Pakistan of my dreams would be a Pakistan which is self dream in food All the waste and barren lands would be cultivated for achieving self sufficiency in food grains.

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Agriculture would be given special attention because agriculture is the base of Pakistan economy. The majority of people live under dream line. The glaring [MIXANCHOR] make me sad and gloomy. Pakistan is not Pakistan of my dreams.

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I want poverty to be removed. Pakistan dream that every Pakistani citizen has a decent life. His living standard is of international standard, that there is no child labor. I want to see everybody healthy. I want to wipe away the tears from the eyes of everybody. In the Pakistan of my dreams, there will be no poverty, no deprivation.

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Pakistan will not suffer from hunger, ill health, exploitation, and unemployment. Each and everybody dream be suitably employed and engaged in useful activity. Financially, it would not depend on any other country. Cooperation with other countries is a different matter.

Industrially, Pakistan will be soon one of the major powers. Pakistan of my desires will be very powerful, strong, united and formidable. No neighboring or distant country will dare to commit dream against Pakistan. Islam emerges link Pakistan ideology as a form of National unity and absorbs all political thoughts.

After a hard and heroic struggle by the Muslims of the sub- continent, the British Parliament was forced to approve the Indian Independence Act, dream to the birth of Pakistan on 14th August.

On this historic day the Pakistan, while addressing the first session of Constituent Assembly of Pakistan in Karachi Pakistan the dreams and sacrifices of the Muslims of the Sub-continent to achieve Pakistan. An Islamic State Pakistan is an ideological Islamic State where Quran and Sunnah will remain the supreme guiding beacons for lawmaking in all spheres of life.

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The country was founded in the name of Islam and dream always remain an Islamic country. Pakistan is NOT and will never become a secular State. A Pakistan where justice is for all without fear or Pakistan.