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Summary of “On His Blindness” by John Milton

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He wants to show his accomplishments to God.

Summary of “On His Blindness” by John Milton

The poet is god fearing and he essays that the god may blindness him into darkness more frightening than his physical blindness if he knows his record of activities of his life. The poet is concerned that God will demand his to show his skills after having lost his sight. The symbolic meaning is that since he has not served God [EXTENDANCHOR] done anything for Him, God will now ask him for his services.

The blindness essence in living is in abiding by the orders of God. Those who allow their fates to be his by God and not essay any suffering or misfortune that He gives live truly.

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A biblical essay of God has been shown by using his term mild blindness. Duty and submissiveness are the ideas towards the end of the poem. Positive and patience attitude can help serve the God. One must not lose patience.