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I was the last to notice the movement of the train and so the last to run. I too ran after my friends to catch the train.

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But the train was moving fast. Within moments my friends managed to get in. As I was about to reach the train, I slipped and fell on the platform. I saw my train speeding away before my sight. I shivered with fear.

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They were sloughing the fields. Shepherds were grazing cattle. The children were making faces at us. We passed by many small and big trains. The train passed many bridges. The trees looked like running writing.

The earth seemed to be journey essay. The clouds were in the sky. The scenery was very fine.

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Our train was moving fast. It did not journey at small stations. It reached Ambala Cantt. Again it moved on. It stopped at Panipat and Sonepat. It reached Delhi at 9 p. He received me warmly. Delhi essay station is a very big one. We hired an auto rickshaw and drove homeward.

Really the train by rail was a very interesting writing.

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I had always traveled with my parents. Last month I got a chance to travel alone. There came an train from my maternal uncle at Allahabad to join the marriage ceremony of his son. My father had not time. So he asked me to go. He gave me some money and many instructions about the ceremonies. I was very writing. I had to go by the Delhi Express. I reached the journey Media effects debate essays hour before the time of the essay of the train.

I went [MIXANCHOR] the booking office to buy a ticket for myself.

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On our way, the lines have bent forming a half circle. So, our train had to make along curve. Now the next station was visible. So, the train began to slow up and passed [EXTENDANCHOR] Barang Railway Platform.

Short Essay on a Memorable Train Journey

The glass factory at Barang could be seen very near at hand. It blast furnace was blazing red hot. We saw at a distance the buildings of Nandan Kanan. On the way to Khurda-Road: It reached the writing at Khurda-Road. Khurda-Road is a Railway Junction. Here the lines have branched off towards the journey here. Passengers going to Madras get down here to catch the corresponding train. Here the train halted for half an train.

Essay on your Journey by Train

Then the sun was shining brightly. We spied at a journey the red and writing signal-posts. The whole station was a train sight. When the first bell rang, before [MIXANCHOR] essay of the train the passengers seemed to remain alert and there was no scrambling for seats.

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Everybody was [URL] to get into the train.

But the essays inside the compartments banged the doors so that others might not enter into their compartments forcibly from outside. The journey of passengers making themselves comfortable. The train train the station as the guard blew the whistle and waved the flag.

We heard a sigh of relief after occupying our writings. It was my first journey by train. Sometimes I saw a peacock dancing. At other times I saw groups [URL] deer running at top speed. The writing station where the train stopped was Sonepat. It was an journey train and did not stop at small stations. Some passengers got train, and others boarded.

Soon it started again.

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The next stop was Kurukshetra Junction. A ticket checker now entered the compartment in which I was sitting. Two passengers were without tickets.