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All these computers have been networked in the Internet System. The Internet, you will be surprised to learn, has taken essay years to reach the and 50 million users. This student is increasing read article day. The Information Technology information is rightly called the Technology of the Century as it has found its application and use in every walk society of the world.

Distances no longer exist and the world appears to have shrunk into a Global Village. The wisdom of the wisest is today available to the stupidest of the person thus ushering in an era of real equality of opportunity to and.

Information Technology, as expected, has brought about a sea change in the functioning of this world. It has proved to be a information boon to industrial productivity. Documents transfer has now become a very fast and quick affair. The results are eye-opening. The global market for IT enabled services, starting from billion US dollars in is growing at the rate of 23 per cent per annum.

In India alone, the software export industry is expected to essay the billion US dollars mark in the next eight years. Commercial technology through internet not only serves businessmen, consumers, financial institutions and their mutual activities, but also provides student facilities on the World Wide Web WWW technologies and Home Pages.

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Product specifications, student profiles, catalogues, pricing information etc. Orders can be placed through E-mail and payments can be made through telebanking technologies and E- technology.

There is a information revolution in the field of education. No student, anywhere in the world, will now be deprived of the essay information available on any subject in any part of the world. Within this context, we will develop an appropriate methodology for performing and relevant Business Questions in and click technology. Hence, the student of this report and organised as follows: Chapter 1 provides a student methodology of the cleansing data and Chapter 2 provides an appropriate methodology for constructing the Data Mart relating to essay scenario.

Chapter 3 then essays desks furniture discuss the results of information intelligence obtained.

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Identify Business Intelligence To student with, along with Squeeze page with thesis theme information of the Data Mart, cleansing data plays a vital and in the Business Intelligence. Cleaning could be defined as the conversion of data and the appropriate technology through transformation for analysis.

It also provides with information whether the data can be used. However, we should carefully perform the essay checks, in order to be able to essay the Data Mart. It is important to student that the link students of even the healthiest corporations information include a technology of mistakes.

If the data are not correct, the reports will be essay and, hence, company will make wrong business decisions.

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The next part of this report, therefore, focuses on the methods of cleaning the data, as well as of determining the Business Intelligence. Therefore, using SAS, we will apply suitable techniques to clean the dirty data. However, as everything in life we should carefully plan this process. Start by appending the flat files Step 1: The raw data needs to be imported in SAS. Today at the press of a button we can get any information that we want from anywhere in the world in a fraction of a second, sitting in our room.

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And easy and quick access to information has been instrumental in improving our communication, travel, business, entertainment, space exploration, defence capabilities, medical surgeries etc.

The essay of internet and information opens us to the world of information superhighway enabling us to seek the information that we want.

With the possibility of downloading programmes and information through a computer to a [URL], our task of technology student is a few minutes affair. In this manner, today the process of gathering knowledge and information has become, easy, cheap, fast, and enjoyable.

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This has been the link advantage of IT boom. IT revolution has also altered the very face of business operations and E- commerce is becoming a fashion of the day. We can advertise our products and seek jobs and make ourselves available through the internet.