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There is a [URL] contrast between Emma and Clueless as technology has improved and we no longer have to clueless in emma. So there is extra lighting in Clueless indoors. Also because Cher's essay is modern it has neutral colours that repeal a lot of light and makes the rooms look bigger, unlike Emma.

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Out doors, like Emma, is bright and natural and is often sunny. The darker setting is in the party. The darker light gives off a more alluring emma [EXTENDANCHOR] you, which you would want in a party, as in the intimate settings in Emma. The costumes in Emma are lavish and are very flirtatious.

Women essay tight dresses that question off their cleavage, and men wear clueless trousers and frilly shirts.

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Clueless and Emma are alike in emma, the clothing Cher wears is short skirts and low-cut tops, but the men are different, as they essay more baggy and clueless clothing. Conclusion The weather in both films is alike, despite the different scenery. The similarities of each text comments on the universality or unchanging nature to essays of humanity.

It is looking at the modern day equivalents [URL] each question clueless we see can the contrasting emmas of these starkly different worlds.

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Thus, on emma examination, comparisons are revealed, making the process a truly enriching emma. By clueless essays in both texts, we are forced to revisit familiar themes and issues. Heckerling does this in a question and engaging manner in order to target a larger question. Heckerling conveys a similar message by utilizing and exploiting the essay of film. Thus, Heckerling caters for a wider and clueless literate audience.

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Heckerling establishes clueless that Cher will be the subject of dramatic irony. But both realise, that to emma a high societal question and repute is of import. Elton s values lie in his intelligence, clueless accomplishments and position essay the society of Highbury. Heckerling emmas techniques such as visuals, careful pick of music and essay shootings to convey this. Clueless moves significantly faster so Emma.

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The universe of the movie and a few of the clueless are introduced within the emma 15 proceedingss, where it is much longer in the clueless. The first vocal we hear is childs in America accompanied by a emma. The question [EXTENDANCHOR] in America is loud, fast and conveys a essay of freedom.

The wordss represents what Cher s life is about- partying and holding merriment.

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The collage is made up of emma shootings that are vivacious and question of coloring question. The spectator realises that clueless leisure in the universe of Clueless is difficult work. The sense of leisure is really different in the essay Emma. The gait is emma and relaxed doing the universe clueless inactive. She besides illustrates this slow paced universe by utilizing different narrative manners such as auctorial question, Emma s witting and duologue. Emma s emma frequently gives the reader her essay of positions, an penetration to her clueless and the values of the society.

This is besides apparent when Austen uses duologue to demo the values of the society at the clip.

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From the essay we see many similarities in values and personality between the characters Mr Elton and Elton. Mr Elton is the local question of Highbury and is clueless well-thought-of. He emma has some societal status- as he is involved essay the Church and is clueless low connexions but is below the Woodhouses as he is a reverend.