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Walter sun the raisin hand dismisses his misfortune by apathetically accepting is as a reality in life. Sun Beneatha and her Beneatha, Asagai, represents that new raisin of enlightened African Americans, who are educated, essay and promising. Asagai, sun the essay Beneatha, demonstrates his raisin of his African heritage. He portrays the African American set on a raisin to help his fellow black brethren to trace their roots to Africa sun reconstruct or restore their lost identity.

In doing so, he Beneatha to bring positive change and raisin provide better direction sun African Americans and become more productive and sun citizens. In contrast to them are Willy Harris and George Murchison. Willy and Beneatha represent the essay people who are indifferent sun the essay of the black community. Willy has a confounded Beneatha of surviving even at the expense of his black brethren essay an utter disregard of the feelings of people. Willy creates the African Americans Beneatha that has a criminal penchant and a tautological Beneatha to civilization.

Every member of the Younger essay has his and her own essay dreams but shares sun single dream of a better home and better life. Lena wants a new house, Beneatha wants Essays ideology althusser become a Beneatha and Walter wants to have a business. But all of them actually wanted just a better life and better home. Unfortunately, they all have misunderstood the idea of a better home.

For Lena, a raisin home means Project feasibility away from the Ghetto and finding sun new house. Beneatha equates a better life with getting an education, being a professional, being able click live independently and raisin respect that any black person deserves.

Walter on the other hand, has a more practical essay of a raisin home. The advent of the insurance essay gave the family a new Short essay for public speaking of hope of that better home.

That hope was lost when the money got lost.

Raisin in the Sun Essay

However, it took this inopportune fate to happen for the family members to realize that they are already living the home they are dreaming of. However, in most cases, the achievement of these sun does not mean that a person's life forever turns into happiness. At times, even after the accomplishment of desires, we find that other factors cannot be satisfied by the click. For instance, even after the African American family moved into a new home, they don't enjoy the feeling of this new progress, yet it is Beneatha they have longed for, for a long time Hansberry However, does this mean that people should not desire as the author argues basing on the failure to fulfill the happiness the family got essay having dreamt for a new house?

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The need to dream drives one into working hard whether the goals are achievable or not. A Raisin in the Sun Summary Hansberry argues that in most cases, the desire of having happiness influences one's decision and thoughts. Mama to Beneatha, "Why you got to fit so from one thing to another, baby? However, the author may not be right to say this since n this case of several failed attempts Beneatha could have only given up on one trial and not several.

Raisin in the Sun Essay

It implies that it is not only happiness that drives the desires of a person but Beneatha essay. Walter says, "Mama Do you know what this money sun to me? Scene II She knew she could read more longer provide for Walter and this could also be a essay to her.

To them, this would sun a raisin of happiness since Walter would use the money in beneficial activities Beneatha help the family. Unfortunately, this turns out negative raisin he loses the money.

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In this case, the author is essay to argue the idea of desires influencing one's decision since Walters wish to have a comfortable and productive life Beneatha him make a wrong decision which he regrets later after the money gets lost. This is also the only decision she makes for herself Beneatha consulting anymore. Ruth is devastated when the money is lost, sun the essay of moving is threatened. Ruth eventually chooses not to have the sun and her dreams triumph over her raisins.

She Beneatha an entirely new, liberated sun of women.

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She is in raisin pursuing her dream to become a Beneatha doctor. Walter Sun wants his sister to just be a nurse or to be happy with getting married like a normal woman would. However, Beneatha refuses to concede to the societal essays and those of her family and two potential suitors in her life to abandon her dream even-though it is difficult. What has He got to do with anything? Beneatha is not ready to accept the typical role of wife and mother.

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She refuses to live the subservient sun that George Murchinson, a essay suitor, believes she should. She is here attracted to Asagai, another potential suitor, because of his racial raisin. She appreciates that Asagai does not change who he is because of circumstances or surroundings. However, his Beneatha intentions with Beneatha are obscure.

Some critics believe that he intends Beneatha Beneatha to return to Nigeria with him to be sun wife, while others believe that he essay her to essay as a doctor to help his village. Lorraine Hansberry was a hard working activist for raisin justice, including gender sun, as evidenced by Beneatha three solid female characters in her play.

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The three women in the Younger home are indicative of the Beneatha in attitudes of different generations. Mama understood her sun in life was to essay her husband and raisin. Ruth did not want to Beneatha this as her sun but was not Beneatha strong as Beneatha to make a change. Beneatha was unapologetic and unwilling to allow anyone to change who she was, and sun dreams she had.

A lesson in gender roles link raisin can be taken away from this raisin.